John Newton's message for Susie Cuningham

16 September 1782

[in  a letter to Susie's mother Elizabeth - in the week that Susie died]
  tell her  
invite encourgae assure
able and willing
Give our dear love to Susie.

I could wish to be with her that I might talk with her about Jesus.

I think she loves to hear of him – but it is not necessary she should hear of him from me.

You can tell her how great and how good he is, how rich in himself, and how poor he submitted to be for the sake of such sinners as we, that we might be enriched through his poverty, healed by his wounds and might live by his death.

Tell her what a life he lived; everything that is recorded of what he said and what he did, is a specimen of his power and of his compassion.

Tell her how graciously he has promised to gather the lambs in his arms and carry them in his bosom.

How kindly he has invited all who are afflicted, weary and heavy laden to come to him for rest – how faithfully he has promised that whoever cometh to him he will in no wise cast out.

Tell her how he died, what agonies filled his heart in the Garden and upon the cross – and that by so dying he has destroyed Death, taken away its sting, changed its nature, so that it is no longer an enemy but a friend, no longer a punishment but a messenger of peace to them that believe in him.

Invite her, encourage her, to commit herself into his hands as Stephen did.

Assure her that she may come and welcome to Jesus Christ and that he is both able and willing to save her to the uttermost

[Hebrews 7:25 Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.]

Marylynn Rouse, 20/08/2019