John Newton to Elizabeth Cuningham

6 May 1782

[front page in Polly’s hand – punctuation edited]

My dearest dear Sister

My dear communicated the contents of your letter to me this morning. If you had been within a day’s journey we should have been with you, but it is only the Lord that has wounded can heal this great breach. Yes my dear Sister he has been with you in six troubles and will be with you in this also. [1] We have lost a Brother and dear friend which we highly valued for his own sake, and very near to us as being yours. But hope that our loss is his unspeakable gain. May we all meet at God’s right hand, then we shall never more be separated. My dear prays for you continually. The Lord enable me to do so likewise. I do hope that you and the dear children would permit to come to live here. I wish we could do any thing to serve you any way. May the Lord support and bless you – you and yours – preserve your life and health to see your dear children brought up. And may they be ever dutiful and affectionate. You are all very dear to me – part of myself. I am interested in all that concerns you. I mourn with you, and yet I hope I may rejoice with you for I trust you have a God to go to in every time of need.
[reverse side, in Newton’s hand]

My dear was willing you should know that she feels much for you yet through the Lord’s goodness the news has not hurt her, and she wishes her letter may go tonight, and therefore it must be short. I have nothing particular to add to what I wrote on Saturday. We hope to hear from you soon, and that you will write all the particulars you think we should be glad to know, respecting your health, your plans, your burdens and your comfort. We send our hearty love to your dear children. I suppose you have received her letters sent about a fortnight since, informing you that the rents of [illegible - both the persons?] are received, and the money ready at your call.

I am your very affectionate brother

John Newton

Monday 6 May 1782
[in Elizabeth Cunningham’s hand:]

‘Brother and Sister Newton after the loss of my dear husband.’

[1] Job 5:19 He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.

Lambeth Palace Library, MS 3096, f 70

Marylynn Rouse, 20/08/2019