John Newton's Messiah Sermons

The transcripts on this website are previously unpublished, from Newton's personal notebook [1]

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JNP Introduction   Some background into how the sermon series on Messiah arose, and the difference between the unedited ms transcripts on this website and the printed version of 50 sermons (with a link to the printed version)
Newton's Introduction   In his printed version, Newton absorbed much of this into his first sermon, but also added in a Preface
Sermons: No. 1 Isaiah 40:1,2
  No. 2 Isaiah 40:3-5
  No. 3 Haggai 2:6,7
  No. 4 Malachi 3:1-3
  No. 5 Isaiah 7:14
  No. 6 Isaiah 40:9
  No. 7 Isaiah 60:1-3
  No. 8 Isaiah 9:2
  No. 9 Isaiah 9:6
  No. 10 Luke 2:8-14
  No. 11 Zechariah 9:9,10
  No. 12 Isaiah 35:5,6
Appendix:   extract from William Cowper's Task, in which he writes about the 1784 Commemoration of Handel
    Alexander Pope's Ecologue, referred to by Newton in Sermon No. 3
    Handel's and Newton's texts, side-by-side, linking Newton's sermons to the appropriate aria
    Handel & Newton's timelines, showing how they overlap
Messiah Resources:   Newton script, interweaving extracts from his Messiah sermons with Handel's Messiah Part 2 (The Passion), as used for the 2010 Gloucester Cathedral Messiah by Mr Handel & Mr Newton, and at the 2014 Handel's Messiah, A Celebration of God's Amazing Grace, at Milligan Christian College, Johnson City, Tennessee
    Bible Studies based on Messiah, suitable for a 5-week Lent course, or any time
    Messiah videos: invitations from Timothy Dudley-Smith and Alec Motyer to the 1010 Messiah by Mr Handel and Mr Netwon at Gloucester Cathedral; videos by the London Symphony Orchestra, appropriate to Newton's sermons here
We encourage you to use the material on this website to produce your own Newton-Handel Messiah – see more about this under Messiah Resources. As Newton predicted, and as as we have found true,
If the Lord
If the Lord the Spirit is pleased to smile upon the attempt, pleasure and profit will go hand in hand.

[1] MS 780, owned by the Cowper & Newton Museum, Olney

Cowper & Newton Museum, Olney

Marylynn Rouse, 07/01/2015