Miscellaneous Thoughts

John Newton's private notes as he prayerfully searched to learn if God was calling him into the ministry and if so, what that would entail.

“It is hard to believe that any Christians, wondering if God was calling them to ordained service, ever meditated on relevant Scriptures so perceptively, and recorded their discernments so luminously, as did John Newton. His journaling of his journey towards vocational certainty is a very precious part of the legacy of this great man of God.”
James I Packer
Miscellaneous Thoughts and emquiries on an important subject - the trancript
Ministry on my mind 214 x 308j

Eclectic Society

John Newton's notes from the Eclectic Socoiety, which he founded in 1783 with 3 colleagues. From this society grew the Church Mission Society.

Newton's Eclectic Socety was the inspiration for John Stott's Eclectic Society of 1956, which led to major transformations within the Church of England.
transcript of Newton notes for 1787-1789
members for 1787-1789
Rules 1791
transcript of Newton notes for 1789-1795
scrolling version of Newton notes for 1789-1795

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